1. There is a universal norm, Dharma. Dharma is now verified by the 13:20 timing frequency, the universal constant which establishes the universal norm. Dharma is the truth intrinsic in all things.

2. Everything lived according to the universal norm, Dharma, is art. This is verified by the Law of Time, T(E) = Art, energy factored by time equals art.

3. Dharma art is the practice of art as everyday life. Life is energy factored by time. The 13:20 frequency normalizes everything as art, hence, everyday life is art. This is verified by the dictum, “time is art,” where by art is not solely limited to 12:60 definitions, i.e., poetry, dance, painting, etc., but expanded to include all human activity and behavior.

4. As the unification of time and space, art is inherently non aggressive, and the practice of artistic activity is the highest form of non-aggression.Understood as the creative practice of non-aggression, art is the foundation of universal peace. Non-aggression is a mental condition that can only be cultivated through mind training.

5. Through meditative mind training, Dharma Art is the power of self-reflectively transmuting every moment into elegance. Elegance is the gesture and mental attitude of creative peace that comes from being in accord with the truth, dharma, the 13:20 universal constant.

6. Since Dharma is universal, Dharma Art is the norm of behavior for all of humanity living within the biosphere. The conscious establishment of this norm is dependent upon humanity living non-aggressively according to the universal timing constant, 13:20, practicing thereby the creative principles of Dharma Art.

7. As conscious acts of peace (non-aggression), Dharma Art also expresses the urge to human unification through art. The conscious expression of human unification through art as the foundation for global peace was first established through the Roerich Peace Pact and Banner of Peace (1935).

8. Expansion of the practice and purpose of Dharma Art into a unifying planetary form, the League of Culture and Pax Cultura, peace through culture, results in the evolutionary potential of a planetary art network to promote and embody living, creative peace. The sum of human behavior as Dharma Art creates the possibility of the greater biospheric art whole, Planet Art Network(PAN).

9. Humanity is a planetary sub-species of the biosphere, the terrestrial dynamic for the transformation of cosmic energy. Planet art is a natural function of living according to the Law of Time, where human energy is factored by time into ever-more inclusive and ever more conscious art-wholes, the basis of PAN.

10. Factored by the 13:20 timing frequency, the biosphere is a whole system distinguished by two essential phases: cosmic unconscious and cosmic conscious.Prior to the emergence of PAN, the planetary art whole had been the unconscious pattern of human unification through art. The conscious formation of PAN leading to the discovery of the Law of Time, distinguishes the two great phases of human evolution, the cosmic unconscious from the cosmic conscious.

11. With the discovery of the Law of Time (1989-96), the course of human evolution is to be consciously normalized into the pattern of Dharma Art, while the entire web of human culture and communications is to be transformed into the evolving biospheric art whole of the Planet Art Network.

12. The establishment of world peace is inseparable from the universal peace of PAN. Hence, the enactment of entry into the Dominion of Time, Yellow Overtone Seed, July 26, 1997, is an act of PAN, an unprecedented planetary art event unifying Dharma Art with the divine plan.

13. The establishment of the First World Peace and the completion of the biosphere-noosphere transition, exemplified in the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, is a supreme example of PAN. This example will establish the universal norm of behavior, Dharma Art, and PAN as the human evolutionary program preceding entry into the Psychozoic Era: Pax Cultura Pax Biospherica, AD 2000-2013.

14. The completion of all time travel exercises, AD 2013, signals the launching of Timeship Earth 2013, the name of PAN’s navigational form. AD 2013 is the commencement of the Psychozoic Era, the first stage of the mutation of PAN into a radiosonically engineered planetary art spore, the fruit of galactic culture on Earth.

The Fourteen Foundations of PAN are established as a special elucidation of the Dynamics of Time. The Fourteen Foundations of PAN are in accord with the code of the wizards, whose power is represented as 14 (13 + 1).Fourteen is to the lunar fractal 28, what 32 is to 64. Since 32 represents the crystal geometric potentialities whence the 64 codons of life are generated, the number fourteen represents the crystal lunar potentialities of the wizards, whence the arts of Earth are sprung. It is the wizards from whose timeless time-spun lore all the arts of Earth are woven.

A fairy tale to those whose values are defined by pursuit of worldly profit, the wizard’s lore is the awesome power of radial transformation. Beamed by God into every particle of galactic time-hewn form, this power of radial transformation is to be released as supernal radiance of mind united inits own enlightenment. A perfect time has come. A perfect time to cast the perfect spell. Wake up! Alert! Command! The heavenly stair is opening to lead us from this Earthly hell!

PAN is of the Dominion of Time,
May the Dominion of Time prevail!
Day-Out-of-Time, Blue Self-Existing Night, July 25, 1997,
May Timeship Earth 2013 be given proper docking!
Yellow Overtone Seed, July 26, 1997,
Entry into the Dominion of Time,
May the Timeship be launched with her cargo of Earth!
Ten years of Harmonic Convergence
The Quetzalcoatl Project complete.
Safe return of the Law of Time.

PAN Chronicler José Argüelles, Blue Spectral Monkey
Overtone Moon 2, Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human
Psi Chrono Unit: Yellow Crystal Seed Gap
Fourth Year of Prophecy Victory Establishes

Original article by José Argüelles, published on the former web EarthAscending.com in 1999. Reconstructed by Tortuga 13:20 for the Planet Art Network

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