The Planet Art Network (PAN) is an autonomous world peace movement founded in 1983 by José and Lloydine Argüelleswith the purpose of organising the Harmonic Convergence 1987, promoting the Roerichs’ principles of Peace Through Culture, inclusive of education about and dissemination of the Banner of Peace as a powerful means for Unifying Artists on a planetary scale.

In the following years (1984-2002), the Argüelles’ evolved the mission of PAN to also promote the 13:20 harmonic frequency of Time is Art, the 13:28 Calendar Change initiative, as well as assisting on the Biosphere-Noosphere transition.


Since 1984, José and Lloydine always showed or presented the Banner of Peace in their public appearances of any kind. Between 1983 and 1987, PAN arose as a new social force for Planetary Peace through the promotion of the Harmonic Convergence, the First Synchronised Global Peace Mediation in human history, which was invoked and organised by José and Lloydine Argüelles.

“The PAN Harmonic Convergence event initiated an upgrading of human consciousness, where the individual tends to become more collective, while the collective individuates into the normative frequency of universal telepathy. The Harmonic Convergence succeeded because PAN is an imaginal fault-line where vision and mind unite with truth to find new forms of expression.”

––José Arguelles, From Art as Everyday Life to Planet Art Spore. PAN 1999.

With “The Discovery of the Law of Time,” (José and Lloydine Argüelles, 1989-1996), the PAN vision evolved to be a whole human order replacing what we now call civilization.

“If civilization as it has devolved is a pure manifestation of erroneous 12:60 time, PAN is the complete expression of the human being and its social form completely reorganized by the natural 13:20 timing frequency.”

––José and Lloydine Argüelles, T(E)=Art. The Discovery of the Law of Time (1989-1996), PAN 1997.

The Discovery of the Law of Time is Art empowered PAN as the unifying force and form of cosmic consciousness dawning upon humanity towards the New Time principle of “Time is Art” as opposed to “time is money”.

In 1993-94, when José and Lloydine initiated the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the Banner of Peace was adopted and used by all of the groups worldwide. In the same way, PAN arose as a social activism force which questions the prevailing morality of the world in every way, and which offers an original analysis and a creative solution to the world situation. It was then called the “Planet Art Network (PAN) World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement”

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All documents compiled from the former official Tortuga web and from the EarthAscending web by the Editorial Team of Tortuga 13:20

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