By José Argüelles (1999). Source EarthAscending web.  

“The Artist has Tremendous Power to Change the World”

The Planet Art Network (PAN) is defined as the whole human order replacing what we now call civilization. If civilization as it has devolved is a pure manifestation of erroneous 12:60 time, PAN is the complete expression of the human being and its social form completely reorganized by the natural 13:20 timing frequency.

PAN has many roots. One root was born of the sacred vision of a Tibetan artist and cultural pioneer, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987), who elaborated on the principles of Dharma Art, or art as everyday life. A second root wends its way back to the holistic vision of another cultural pioneer, Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985), who articulated the principles of the art whole and the artist as avatar. Yet another root is nurtured at the source of the powerful peace visionary, Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), who brought the Banner of Peace and Roerich Peace Pact to fruition through the Pax Cultura Movement of the 1930s.

In the reflective mind of art historian, J. Argüelles, these three streams of living thought and practice fused into the notion of a planet art network, an invisible web of psycho-cultural perceptions and points of manifestation whose function has been, and must continue to be, the weaving of the planetary biosphere into an unprecedented living work of art. Theory, however, is nothing without practice.

With dancer and choreographer, Lloydine Burris, also a student of Trungpa Rinpoche and Dharma Art, Argüelles developed the creative principles of “Warriorship Without War, Art as a Foundation for Global Peace,”giving PAN an actual path of practice. The creation of planetary artwork sand the raising of consciousness to a level of planetary wholeness was the underlying aesthetic purpose of PAN’s first major manifestation, the Harmonic Convergence Global Peace Meditation, August 16-17, 1987. The PAN Harmonic Convergence event initiated an upgrading of human consciousness, where the individual tends to become more collective, while the collective individuates into the normative frequency of universal telepathy.

The Harmonic Convergence succeeded because PAN is an imaginal fault-line where vision and mind unite with truth to find new forms of expression.

The first spontaneous expression of the historic circumstances and aesthetic principles of PAN occurred in 1980 with the “Planet Art Report for Desperate Earthlings of the Past.” This document is reproduced as Appendix II of Earth Ascending (1984-96). From the “Planet Art Reportf or Desperate Earthlings of the Past,” came full-blown the ArtPlanet Chronicles, the Making of the Fifth Ring (1981). This highly detailed description of the ten-year Quetzalcoatl Project occurring in a parallel future universe, is meant to be lived as the entry into the Dominion of Time. Just as the “Making of the Fifth Ring” augurs the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, the PAN-song, “Everyone’s an Artist,”(1984), is meant to be sung by everyone. Feel free to put it to music and let it be sung everywhere! Both the Art Planet Chronicles and the Pan-song, “Everyone’s an Artist,” are now available in this timecell.

In 1983 the Argüelles’ adopted the Banner of Peace and Roerich Peace Pact as the foundation for their program “Art as a Foundation for Global Peace.” Use of the Banner of Peace signifies a harmony of mind, nature,and divine spirit, which is the essence of planet art ,understood as the sum of the forms of actual geological definition which the Earth has expressed and is still in the process of evolving. The living envelope of Earth, the biosphere is also an expression of planet art, while the historic circumstance of the present biospheric crisis is also defined geologically. Documents in The Crystal Earth Papers (1985-86) give further definition to planet art as a natural function of the evolution of planetary fields of resonance and correct human synchronization.

PAN was never an organization incorporated into any kind of objectifiable 12:60 form. The archival papers describing PAN in its various manifestations and aspects are summarized in the unpublished, The Crystal Earth Papers,Preparation for Harmonic Convergence (1985-86). One of these documents asserts that “PAN is a wave-length.” This prescient point is verified by the discovery of the timing frequencies. The natural timing frequency of 13:20, codified in the equation of the Law of Time as T(E) = Art, affirms that everything inevitably is art. According to the Dynamics of Time,postulate 0.7, “Art is the natural and spontaneous unification of time with space, hence, time is art.”

“The Discovery of the Law of Time,” (J. & L. Argüelles,1989-96), completed the scientific and mathematical foundations for the science of time, whose sole purpose is to further the creation of self-regulatory harmonic patterns of planetary art. As the sum of these patterns made conscious, PAN prepares for the coming applied technology of telepathy and radiosonics.This eventuality could not come about if PAN were not founded in principles of Dharma Art, or natural elegance based on mind training and auto-regulatory mental discipline. PAN is evolution. Evolution is time. The Law of Timemakes conscious what was previously unconscious. Discovery of the Law ofTime empowers PAN as the unifying force and form of cosmic consciousness now dawning upon humanity.

The Law of Time provides humanity the perfect standard of measure, the ThirteenMoon 28-day Calendar. Following this Calendar humanity will regain its harmonic measure and the normative value of dharma art will be as regular as breathing.This is the fulfillment of the enlightenment of the individual preparing for entry into the telepathic enlightenment of the Planet Art Network.

Through the Dreamspell codes of time, PAN is both a telepathic circuit anda social form. The First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, Brazilia, Brazil, Solar Moon 11-15, 1996, articulated and affirmed the “People’s Resolution for the Empowerment of the Planet Art Network, a Sacred Order for the Reorganization of Human Society,” (“Complete Guide to the First Planetary Congress…” pp.19-22).

Following the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, 1996, PAN became coordinated with the Planetary Calendar Councils (PCCs) promoting knowledge and information of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.Coordinated with the Dreamspell codes of time, PAN defines human social reorganization and biological evolution: art now, war no more!

With the establishment of the 260 Postulates of The Dynamics of Time(1996), the coming entry into the Dominion of Time is scientifically and mathematically verified: Yellow Overtone Seed, Fifth Year of Prophecy (July26, 1997). Prepared for by the perfect human measure of the Thirteen Moon 28-day Calendar, PAN is the curve of human collective self-reflection synchronized in time to expand into its next realization: peace on Earth. PAN is alland everything, but all and everything in harmonic order, synchronized by the fractals of time weaving the common vision of a new-found collective continuing consciousness. The future has arrived.

PAN Chronicler José Argüelles, Blue Spectral Monkey
Overtone Moon 2, Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human
Psi Chrono Unit: Yellow Crystal Seed Gap
Fourth Year of Prophecy Victory Establishes

Original article by José Argüelles, published on the former web in 1999. Art Image and article reconstruction by Tortuga 13:20 for the Planet Art Network

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