“When we evolve wholeheartedly into an art planet, with the realization of the planet as a work of art, then we will realize that we, ourselves – each and every one of us – are the artists that the planet is calling on to instrument evolution into the supermental/ superhuman dimensional cycle of galactic consciousness. Art is the template of divine knowledge. It is how the divine intelligence shapes itself according to the ratios and proportions of our cosmic perceptions. … each person, in whatever mode of expression chosen, is empowered to evolve him/herself as an artist. This is the natural state of the human as the supreme expression of the self-evolving art form.” ~ José Argüelles

A Prelude to Map 49

The number of maps comprising this rendition of the Earth Ascending is forty-eight. That is the number signifying the conclusion of the completion of the CA template, the hominization of this planet. It also corresponds to kua 48 in I Ching, Ching, The Well, the kua that provides the key for moving across the corpus callosum of history, return.

The kua, the other side of the return passage of the corpus callosum, number 49, corresponds to Revolution (Molting). In a sense we have provided all the maps needed for the moment, and so each reader may construct Map 49 from what has been presented, according to where he or she may find themselves. In fact, the entire set of maps and text comprising Earth Ascending may be taken as an incentive to “cross the great water,” and in so doing instigate the global revolution necessary to place us once again on a firm footing with the evolutionary process.

In order to better prepare for this momentous crossing and the revolution that it entails, we should consider more fully the commentaries to this critical kua, number 49.
“The Sequence: the setup of a well must necessarily be revolutionized in the course of time. Hence there follows the kua, Revolution.” This traditional comment placing kua 49 in relation to its predecessor, number 48, is instructive, as is the miscellaneous note appended to that comment: “Revolution means removal of that which is antiquated.” Revolution, 49, stands be-tween the only two kua presenting man-made objects in I Ching, The Well, 48, and The Cauldron, 50. Thus, revolution is a transformative bridge. The Well represents the necessary, but at the same time artificial, structure of civili-zation; The Cauldron, the means for ultimate transformation. What is antiquated, requiring removal, are not physical or material encumbrances, but attitudes that are no longer attuned to the actual situation of the time. That the attitudes blocking proper use of the well are entrenched in the material trappings of power and convention is precisely the reason why revolution is called for. A consideration of the enormity of the task, passing back from the CA to the AC templates, from history to posthistory, indicates that we cannot be dealing with a situation in which one set of power-holders is toppled to be replaced by another. Rather, we are dealing with total holonomic revolution, revolution by attunement.

A commentary on the Judgement of the kua provides further insight into the carrying out of this kind of revolution, revolution by attunement:
“Heaven and earth bring about revolution, and the four seasons complete themselves thereby. “T’ang and Wu brought about political revolution because they were submissive toward heaven and in accord with men.” “The time of Revolution is truly great.”

Like the natural process by which the seasons complete themselves, revolution by attunement is carried out first of all through being submissive to heaven—to the sacred order of things—and thereby placing oneself in accord with men. The true needs of humanity with which one must align oneself are not furthered by ideology or war, ambition for power, or senseless material glut and exploitation. The true needs of humanity are furthered through compassionate consideration of the profoundly selfless and spiritual nature that binds us not only to each other, but to all that is. The comprehensiveness of genuine revolution, carried out by men and women in accord with mankind and submissive to heaven, is made clear in the Image of Revolution itself:


Fire in the Lake: the image of Revolution
Thus the superior man
Sets the calendar in order
And makes the seasons clear.

Earth Ascending. Map 49: Revolution. By José Argüelles.

Through the presentation of the holonomic equation and particularly the holonomic recollection circuit we have the means and the pattern for setting the calendar in order. In the psi matrix underlying the holonomic recollection circuit, we have the key to making the seasons clear. Here we refer to the seasons of psychocultural development. We are now in a position to pass from an autumn/winter of history, to the spring of posthistory.

In making this call for total holonomic revolution, revolution by attunement, we can  not deceive ourselves. The well of civilization as it is today is rife with antiquated material. The removal of that material is no easy process. The greatest thing going for us, however, is the purposive force of evolution and the basic goodness and intelligence reposited in the human race.

Nonetheless, to face things squarely, what holonomic revolution implies is nothing less than the total transformation of the existing order: socially, politically, culturally, and educationally. Even if this crossing is accomplished in the next generation, the process of cleaning up backwaters, and even more, the process of education and construction of the foundations of the new, will be at least several more generations in the making.

For this reason, it is imperative that the matrix-or seed-template of the future order come into being at the present time. Based on the premises of the holonomic equation, such a seed-template would be the most important force in the incipient global revolution, a revolution brought about by intelligent attunement to natural (holonomic) factors rather than by the willful intent of a few clandestine groups to topple the powers that now hold sway over the world.

Organized into a network, the seed-templates of the radiosonic future, besides possessing common spiritual respect, must be based on nonaggressive means, or else default to the underlying egotism of the present order. Since traditionally the practice of art has been the most effective means for the nonaggressive transformation of energy, both external and internal, art must play a key and major role in the present global revolution. But here art must be understood in its aboriginal sense of healing, purifying, unifying, and bringing people together into coherent purposive groups. It is in this regard that a call is issued for the formation of the “Planet Art Network” as the means of implementing revolution by attunement.

Grounded in the principle of holonomics, spiritually attuned, non aggressively oriented, artistically skilled, capable of utilizing the vast panoply of tools made available through the process of civilization, the Planet Art Network as a cohesive matrix of geomantically sited groups could provide the global seed-template necessary for crossing the corpus callosum that returns us from the troubled dream of history to a future that is properly ours. In the meantime, let the reader ponder the maps and follow for him- or herself, according to his or her own skills and knowledge, the logic of the holonomic equation, logic beyond human whim. Having done so, then consider what choices there are to be made. If Earth Ascending is to be of any use at all, it will show itself as a guidebook to the dawning age. May those who have followed to this point find in themselves a seed, and make of themselves a path releasing the light, so that others may know.

Original article by José Argüelles. Transcribed from the Afterword of Earth Ascending by José Arguelles (pages 138-139-140). Under Fair Use

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